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Back in 1987 to 1990, I lived in Shelbyville, Kentucky (just east of Louisville, home of Col. Sanders and lots of horse breeders).  While I lived there, I was a member of the "KY Riders" motorcycle club (it was somehow affiliated with the "Rider" motorcycle magazine).  

In addition to regular monthly meetings, the club also had an annual "poker run".   This was usually held in Shelbyville and originated in (what was then) the Kroger parking lot.

If you have pictures from the KY Riders club, I'd like to hear from you.   I'd gladly post them on the "Photo" section of this site.   I can accept JPG, BMP or TIF files; I'll optimize them for use on this site.  Since there were no digital cameras back then; all photos (or slides) that exist would have to be scanned first.   If you don't have a scanner, you can send me the photos, negatives or slides, I'll scan them and then return them to you.   Somewhere in my photo collection I do have a large group shot that was taken during a Christmas party.  I'll try to find that photo and get it on the site first, maybe you will be able to recognize some of the members.   Unfortunately my memory has faded a bit, and I really only remember the names of one or two people (specifically Jim [now deceased] & Janetta of Shelbyville, Bill Smith and Sam Swope of Louisville).   Any other information about our old club would be appreciated and I'll gladly post it here (on a separate page), or you can leave messages in the "Guestbook" on this site.

Since videography was one of my hobbies, I videotaped both the "2nd Annual Poker Run" (June 5, 1988)  & the "3rd Annual Poker Run" (June 4, 1989) on my Sony 8mm camcorder.  

Don't worry, I didn't attempt to film too much myself while actually riding, for that, I did have a passenger who did willingly run the camera for me (in one case, sitting backwards on my bike!) while riding through the beautiful back roads in central Kentucky, using my shoulder to prop up the camera on the 3d annual run....   Other shots I took while parked at the side of the road.   On the 2nd annual poker run, I was riding in Jim's sidecar and was videotaping from there.

At the time I offered members copies of the edited 43 and 33-minute videos on either beta or VHS tape.  I still have the original tape and have just transferred it to DVD (in case anyone is interested...).


If you were a part of the KY Riders club in the late 1980's (specifically in 1989), or just have an interest in motorcycle related videos, you can purchase BOTH DVD's for only $15 postpaid in the USA (+ Texas sales tax if you reside in Texas), or $19 postpaid to foreign addresses using the PayPal link below.

 Click here for USA Shipments

 Click here for Foreign Shipments


  1. DVD's are on DVD-R media unless otherwise specified
  2. DVD's are "region free"
  3. DVD's are in the USA NTSC television format
  4. DVD case is included
  5. The image on the DVD shown above (3rd annual poker run) is a freeze-frame of me during one of the poker run stops (yes, I know, "big sunglasses", hey, it was the late 1980's!).  The image on the other DVD (2nd annual poker run) is a self-portrait of me pointing the camcorder at a bus rear-view mirror lens.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at [peter @ pcelias . com] (copy everything between the brackets and remove the spaces - I have to do this in order to keep the spammers at bay...).   You can also call me at my work # here in Dallas at 972-671-0077.

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